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House Demolition in Melbourne

Do you want to completely knock down and rebuild your existing home? Accurate Demolition is committed to house demolition in Melbourne. If your home has suffered extensive damage that is beyond repair then we are the experts to call. We are adept and proficient demolition contractors in Melbourne that have the license to complete methodical and safe house demolitions. We are experts in commercial demolitions and Residential demolitions in Melbourne.

We offer Safe and Total Demolitions all over Melbourne

Over the years we have improved our processes and approach towards demolition requirements in Melbourne. As part of our process, it is mandatory to first complete due diligence of the property. We are renowned experts in Deconstruction services in Melbourne. We also offer professional services for the following:

  • Asbestos removal (Melbourne)
  • Tree removal (Melbourne)
  • High-Rise Demolition (Melbourne)
  • Partial Demolition services (Melbourne)
  • Commercial Demolition (Melbourne)
  • Residential Demolition (Melbourne)
  • safely dispose of this highly volatile and hazardous material.

House Demolition Melbourne

For every project we undertake, safety is our priority. For years, we have safely removed all the unwanted elements of properties all over Melbourne. We are experts in both partial demolitions and complete demolitions. We take pride in being the best Demolition company in Melbourne that has reach to locals in the Mornington Peninsula, Frankston, Cranbourne,  Warragul, Pakenham, and beyond.

During site clearance and house deconstruction in Melbourne, we ensure that all safety protocols are in place. We also are vigilant about our disposal methods and take measures to reduce any harm to the environment.

Domestic Demolition in Melbourne

Accurate Demolition is all about making things easier for you when it comes to getting your project under way. Our house demolition costs are reasonable and affordable. Our services are professional and we ensure that no damage is done to the property. For all our domestic demolition projects, we have a licensed supervisor onsite to supervise all the work and ensure all regulations are being followed.
Our experience is vast and we can overcome all the challenges of Industrial demolition services in Melbourne as well. The team at Accurate Demolition can complete express demolitions that align the specific design, style, and materials used to construct the building with the demolition methods.

Safe Domestic Demolition work in Melbourne

We have a firm commitment towards delivering low-impact and environmentally-friendly demolition services to our customers. Accurate Demolition offer quality in the domestic and commercial demolition projects we complete. To ensure that the impact of our demolitions on the surrounding environment is minimized we deliver demolition notices to the neighbours, informing them of the date of the scheduled demolition and its extent.

We are your safest bet for demolitions in Melbourne

At Accurate Demolition we can deliver demolition solutions that don’t leave a single brick behind. To continue to deliver highly-accurate and detailed demolition quotes we proudly conduct in-depth and detailed inspections of the site and the property that is to be demolished. Once we have completed our personalized inspection we can determine the best tools and equipment to use to bring down your house.

To discover more about our complete house demolition options Melbourne residents can call us directly for a free quote on 0428 107 690. Always happy to help Melbourne homeowners improve or update their living environment. Our helpful and knowledgeable demolition contractors can deliver safe, modern, and efficient demolition projects for homes large and small.

The following precautions need to be followed when doing a house demolition in Melbourne:

  • Permission must be obtained from the appropriate civic authorities and neighbours, as they will also be affected by the destruction. The process of demolition can begin only starting due diligence along with local authorities. The professionals need to obtain a No objection Certificate (NOC) from the essential public utility departments. These include electricity, fire, sanitation, entertainment, electricity and water.
  • Kindly ensure that the licensed demolition work is carried out by a professional with a license.
  • It is mandatory for a supervisor to be present during a building demolition in Melbourne to supervise the licensed demolition work.
  • The licensed worker’s training records should be made available if required.
  • The professional demolition company’s license should be available for inspection at any time.
  • Ensure that the asbestos register on your building is checked before the demolition begins. All asbestos must be removed before beginning any demolition work.
  • Before commencing demolition work, it is mandatory that the licensed professional check for any chemicals onsite.
  • Certain authorities have to be notified specifically if:

  • The structure that is being demolished is more than 6 metres high.
  • The use of load-shifting machinery on floor that is suspended.
  • Explosives are involved.

The don’ts of demolition

Demolition is high risk construction work, that does not include:

  • Removal of power poles, light poles or phone poles.
  • Dismantling structures that provide support.
  • Dismantling structures that provide access.
  • Dismantling structures that provide containment.
  • Dismantling formwork or falsework


What are the reasons for House Demolition in Melbourne?

  1. It Expands the possibilities of your land 
  2. The Old House Must Be Destroyed Before It Collapses 
  3. Renovation is More Expensive than Demolition: 

How long does House Demolition Melbourne take?

A straightforward mechanical demolition normally takes one week. Some simpler tasks might just take one to three days. Deconstruction takes more time to complete. Depending on the size of the construction, it can take more than two weeks.

How do I choose a House Demolition Melbourne company?

Choose a House Demolition Company in Melbourne that has:  

  1. A good reputation 
  2. All the required licenses in place 
  3. Has trained professionals to do the job 
  4. Has vast experience and therefore has access to all the latest equipment 
  5. A house demolition expert that is next to you.  Location is very important when choosing your demolition professionals. 

How much does House Demolition Melbourne cost?

In Australia, the price to tear down a house can range from $12,000 to $40,000, depending on a variety of circumstances. 

Can I demolish my own house in Melbourne?

Whether you need a permit to demolish your house depends on where you live. In urban, suburban and some rural areas, you’ll need to get a permit from the local building department or housing authority before you tear down a house. This is one step you don’t want to skip. 

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